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Marketing at Future Speed: Adapting to People’s Changing Needs When Every Second Counts


Regardless of your business vertical, one of your primary objectives is building mutually valuable relationships with real people. This requires capturing attention and keeping it, by offering some utility—exchanging something valuable— with your audience. It’s about being relevant. Relevance attracts new customers while increasing current customer loyalty. Marketing relevance requires understanding how people behave, what motivates them, what they expect from you and what engages them. Each of these is in a constant state of flux. Adapting to these changes is especially hard considering the staggering amount of “Big Data” marketers need to organize, understand and act on.

Information overload is nothing new, but it is something that isn’t going away. In fact, it’s growing in size and complexity. Big Data management capabilities have become table stakes in today’s marketing world, and enterprises of all types need access to large-scale artificial intelligence, marketing technology and analytics in order to compete for attention.


Nielsen Artificial Intelligence (Nielsen AI) is an adaptive learning technology – built into the Nielsen Marketing Cloud – that automates audience model creation and optimization.

It analyzes real-time streams of device-linked data and instantly adapts your segments to reflect changes in:

  1. Consumer media and buying behaviour
  2. Movement in the consumer path-to-purchase
  3. Audience composition across millions of consumer attributes (including demo-, geo-, behaviour, personality)
  4. Market dynamics (including seasonal & local market demand, competitive actions, advertising)


Even well managed Big Data is of little benefit without a layer of added intelligence. You need to be able to turn meaningless numbers into actionable insights to adapt to changes in people’s behaviour. This is Smart Data. And it’s crucial if you want your advertising messages to be relevant, your media and channel mix efficient, and the impact of your advertising dollars meaningful. This takes tools that are smart enough to extract the real value from Big Data. Nielsen AI makes acting on data insights easy and immediate. It starts with a real-time stream of privacy-safe audience data. This allows the system to learn hundreds—even thousands—of things about your customers— like the media they watch, the products they buy and the devices they use. As this information changes, Nielsen AI learns… and adapts.

Nielsen AI then finds prospects that match your customers down to the last detail to ensure you are reaching out to exactly the right people. This helps you achieve the audience scale you need to move the needle. Now that you know exponentially more about your existing customers and have found millions of other people just like them, you need to act. As part of the Nielsen DMP, Nielsen AI instantly connects you to a wide spectrum of marketing execution platforms such as search, social media, email, video, mobile, programmatic, and your owned and operated websites and apps. Most importantly, you can now immediately adapt to ongoing changes in the composition and behaviour of your audience.


In addition to being smart, Big Data needs to be fast. Fast Data is not only fluid (able to move across applications with ease), but also actionable based on a real-time stream of consumer insights. It’s as “in-the-moment” as it gets. It’s what helps you provide a personalized customer experience across channels, devices and time. Nielsen AI delivers a data system that harnesses real-time and privacy-safe information on your audience so you never miss a beat. It automatically optimizes audiences based on real-time streams of devicelinked data around their motivations, interests and actions across multiple buying and engagement channels. It does this by giving you a universe of audience data derived from Nielsen, which helps you understand your customers at a level of precision no one else can match. It’s fast and it’s smart, and it does the hard work for you.

Before diving into the details around exactly how Nielsen AI works, it’s important to understand the infrastructure behind it. Nielsen AI is a core part of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. It is equipped with the highest velocity databases available to support real-time adaptive learning for the largest enterprises in the world. It currently processes over 6.5 trillion consumer actions a month, which amounts to over 5 petabytes of audience data processed every month. For context, 2 petabytes is equivalent to every book housed in all the U.S. academic research libraries combined. All this processing power analyzes and acts immediately on changes in consumer behaviour patterns and triggers with the goal of improving your marketing relevance.


A SHOE RETAILER runs a big Cyber Monday campaign focused on driving demand for women’s winter boots. Nielsen AI instantly adapts the retailer’s audience segments to reflect consumer movement through the purchase funnel (e.g. awareness > interest > intent > purchase). The client immediately tailors its display creative, as well as its online and mobile ecommerce content and product recommendations, to reflect these rapid changes in shopping behaviour.

AN AUTO-BRAND adjusts its audience targets based on consumer engagement information that helps it understand how close prospects are to contacting a dealership or requesting a test-drive. Nielsen AI adapts to this stream of journey analytics data to increase dealership visits and test drive requests.

A GLOBAL CPG BRAND uses Nielsen AI to get a detailed understanding of customer attributes for competitive brands. It uses this anonymous information to more nimbly adjust its creative and digital media mix, and adapt its audience segments continuously during the campaign. The brand wins over competitive customers by being significantly more relevant and responsive.


Today’s marketing environment requires that you are able to make sense of massive volumes of consumer data from multiple sources—that much is clear. Big data management and analysis capabilities are no longer a nice to have. To compete, you need real-time data processing, learning and distribution capabilities in order to provide relevant customer experiences. This doesn’t come without artificial intelligence.

Nielsen AI employs truly real-time adaptive learning. This means you’ll be smarter and faster at responding to changes in consumer behaviour. Now that’s as “in-the-moment” as it gets.


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