5 Mind-Blowing TED Talks on Artificial Intelligence

We’ve rounded up our favorite TED Talks on AI. From the evolving intelligence of machines, to the jobs of the future and how to be more human in the age of artificial intelligence. These 5 talks explore what it’s like to live digitally mediated lives.

Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over it?

Neuroscientist and Philosopher, Sam Harris explores what happens when we build machines that are more competent than we are. Scared of super-intelligent AI? You should be, says Harris. 

The Jobs We’ll Lose to Machines – and The Ones We Won’t

Co-founder and CEO of Kaggle, Anthony Goldbloom gives a perspective on the jobs that machines will automate in the future. Goldbloom tells us that we have no future in competing with machines on frequent, high volume tasks but it’s not all doom and gloom. Humans have the ability to connect seemingly disparate threads, allowing them to tackle novel situations. Will a machine do you job in the future?

Get Ready For Hybrid Thinking

Inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil delves deep into why we should get ready for the next leap in brain power as we embrace computing power in the cloud.

4 Ways to Build a Human Company in The Age of Machines

Tim Leberecht, author of ‘The Business Romantic’ discusses why we celebrate authenticity instead of efficiency in the face of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How AI Can Enhance Our Memory, Work and Social Lives

Co-creator of Siri, Tom Gruber shares his vision of how humanistic AI helps us achieve increased performance in perception, creativity and cognitive function.

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