Ze Frank

Chief R&D Officer at Buzzfeed

Ze Frank is BuzzFeed’s Chief Research & Development Officer. As the company’s chief innovator, Ze has been behind the development of BuzzFeed’s biggest brands and businesses. Since joining in 2012, Ze has head up and built out a number of different teams, growing BuzzFeed’s experimental social video team into a 600-person entertainment org encompassing brands like Tasty, Nifty, Goodful & Bring Me as well as shows such as Worth It, Unsolved, the Try Guys and Ladylike. Under Ze’s leadership, BuzzFeed’s audience has seen tremendous growth through the rethinking of production models and division of labor, the creation of new frameworks for thinking about why people share content, and by doubling down on the vision that any curious, motivated person can be a force in digital content creation. Currently, as many as 9 billion people per month are entertained by BuzzFeed content around the world. Based in Los Angeles, Ze is currently focusing on experimentation and innovation across formats, including pioneering tests in moving image formats, developing lightweight production models and transforming the way BuzzFeed works with talent. Prior to creating for BuzzFeed, Ze spent over 10 years exploring digital creativity and innovation, from early interactive social games and animation to mass-scale community projects like youngmenowme that influenced generations of platform developers; to his early direct-to-camera series The Show, which defined many of the conventions of today’s YouTubers. From his work on his seminal YouTube Brandcast talk to his famous TED talks, Ze has been a constant source of some of the most original thinking on creativity, the Internet, and

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