Lysianne Planche

Senior Manager of Marketing Intelligence at Loblaw Digital

As a Senior Manager of Marketing Intelligence at Loblaw Digital, Lysianne Planche leads a team whose goal is to build in-house marketing analytics expertise and technological infrastructure to equip marketers with the tools, data, and insights to drive better business outcomes. In her previous role as a Marketing Technologist at Rogers Communication, Lysianne has worked on several first-to-market tech initiatives in Canada such as working closely with Google and Facebook to automate and optimize online media spend from offline conversions. A passionate and dedicated marketer, Lysianne has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, with a focus on digital strategy, audience segmentation, web analytics, data consulting, and martech/adtech implementation.

Her career in the digital space began while completing the last two years of her Masters degree in Marketing, working with a digital startup in her home country of France. After completing her Masters, Lysianne moved to Toronto and held various positions in several Canadian companies such as Oxford Properties, Rubicon Project (previously Chango), and Rogers Communication where she gained experience in many different aspects of marketing, advertising, data and technology across several industries.

Session: November 19, 3:00 PM, King 2 – Marketing Intelligence Team