Derek Lackey

President of Direct Marketing Association of Canada (DMAC) and Managing Partner at Newport Thomson

A Marketing and Branding Specialist, Derek brings a creative, results oriented approach to every business challenge. In a distinguished advertising career of well over two decades, Derek Lackey has consistently combined entrepreneurial spirit with street-smart marketing while working with major international brands such as Canon, Air Canada Vacations, Arthur Andersen Co., Pioneer Electronics, AGFA Film, American Express Merchandise Services, and many others.

His focus since 2006 has been internet marketing – finding ways to effectively fuse traditional advertising with social media. Derek owned and managed a mid-sized full service advertising agency based in the Toronto area. His creativity and insights around branding and marketing are practical and grounded. As an Entrepreneur he has a healthy respect for activities that produce results and is quick to change tactics when they don’t.

This background combined with a hands on working knowledge of emarketing positions him as a thought leader in The Google Age of Marketing. He is the Publisher of – a portal for marketers looking for the best content on the web. Educated in Marketing at University of Toronto, and a Professor of Marketing at Durham College, Derek applies objectivity and creativity to his business strategy while placing a strong emphasis on results. At one point in time, seven of the nine brands handled by his ad agency were #1 in their categories in Canada.

Session: November 19, 1:30 PM – CaCPA Compliance Workshop