Nora Cocan

Nora Cocan

UX Creative Sr Manager at BMO

Nora Cocan is a 20 years Customer Experience(CX) veteran delivering Multi-Platform User Experiences . Her UX Design leadership is sought after by Fortune 100 and startups in over 20 industries, ranging from C-suite-level strategic solutions to large scale tactical solutions across Europe and North America. Her extensive experience spans from EU to Silicon Valley touching on social media, advertising, video, games, analytics, AR, VR, IoT and native applications leveraging personalized content and optimizing customer retention. Companies such as Bombardier, Hilton Worldwide, Unilever, Citibank, General Motors have benefited from her sound conversion-driven, customer-centric strategic direction. Outside of work, Nora is a mentor to local start up incubators and small businesses, advising on product strategy, delivering monthly lunch and learns, as well as speaking engagements.

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