Joseph Bou Younes

Joseph Bou Younes

Data Executive in Residence at Canada's Open Data Exchange (CODX)

Joseph is a consumer and B2B technology executive. He loves to lead organizations and build well-designed products that solve hard problems at scale. Joseph is currently Data Executive in Residence at Communitech and Canada’s Open Data Exchange.

Joseph is also an advisor to Navi (, and has worked on ML products since 2005. Navi uses AI to help publishers improve retention. He has held management and product leadership roles at Yahoo in the U.S. and consulted to clients from around the world.

Joseph has a background in Computer Science and hands-on experience in a range of technologies. He lives in Waterloo Region with his family and spends his time, snowboarding, running, and tinkering with computers.

Check out Canada’s Open Data Exchange website. 

Where do you get your Data? Exploring Open Data and Partnerships

King 1 - Breakout Sessions

Rethink your data sources and explore the unique ways businesses are collecting information. Alongside Piinpoint, Joseph from Canada’s Open Data Exchange (CODEX) will take attendees through opportunities available by using Open Data, and the immense benefit for everyone should more businesses choose to use available open data to their advantage.