Carl Boutet

Carl Boutet

Retail Strategy & Commercial Lead at Genetec Retail

Carl is a retail strategist with over 20 years of operational, marketing and merchandising experience. He has worked across a full array of retailer environments from the very large, such as 10 years with Costco Wholesale to working as a strategy consultant for a group of 800 independent retailers across Canada. His focus is on bridging the physical/digital divide or what he calls the analytics fueled intersection of algorithms and outcomes. He is presently retail strategy & commercial lead for Genetec’s retail practice. He holds an MBA from Queen’s University and advises on several retail innovation labs. 

Measuring Experience

King 1 - Breakout Sessions

How do we measure experience? Currently the ecosystem relies on Surveys and unstructured data. Carl Boutet will explore how retailers can measure, and thus improve, their customer experience.