All you need to know as a Speaker at Data Marketing Toronto


DATE: November 20-21st 


Hyatt Regency Hotel
2nd Floor, Downtown Toronto
370 King St W, Toronto ON M5V 1J9
Phone: (416) 343-1234
DATA MARKETING takes place on the 2nd floor. 
Directions and Map

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Breakfast and Lunch is included for both days

REGISTRATION: Your badge will be waiting for you at the registration desk.  

ARRIVAL: Arrive at least 20 Minutes Prior to your scheduled session time. 

DRESS CODE: Smart Casual.

Olivia Kitevski
Conference Manager
o: 416-645-3756
m: 416-906-3040







*Open to Free Expo Pass holders



Keynotes & Panels















Q: Where do I go when I arrive?

A: Speakers are encouraged to attend the whole event and pick up their badges in the morning. However, should your schedule not permit it, please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled session. Before your session begins, simply approach the A/V station in your presentation room if you need to get outfitted with a Mic. 

Q: How will I know when to go on and get off stage?

A: Your session’s moderator will be responsible for introducing you on stage, ensuring your presentation does not go over time, and will encourage interaction between you (the speaker) and the audience during Q&A.

Q: How do I pre-load my presentation Slides?

A: Your slides will be pre-loaded for you on the PC Laptop available. Please note Slides must be sent to the Conference Manager at least 2 days prior to the start of the conference. IF you made special arrangements (ie. using own laptop) please consult with the conference manager directly. 

Q: How can I be sure my slides will display properly and avoid techical difficulties?

A: There are a few steps that can make or break a smooth presentaion. Be sure to bring a back-up presentation with you on the day of the event on a USB memory stick. If you have any videos or special fonts in your presentation, please make sure you have the files downloaded and sent to the conference manager.

Q: Will my slides be available to attendees after the Conference?

A: Pending individual approval, we will be publishing all conference slides to a private link that will be sent out exclusively to conference attendees. 


Monday November 13 (1 Week Prior): Draft Presentation Slides (optional if you need a second opinion)

Thursday November 16: Final Version of Slides Due

Monday November 20: Bring the latest version of your slides in PDF and PPT format on a USB memory stick



The King Ballroom can accommodate 400-500 people and will host the Morning Sessions (Keynotes & Panels).

The King Ballroom is split in half to facilitate afternoon sessions. King 1 and King 2 can each fit 200-250 people. 

King Ballroom will be equipped with the following:

          2 screens + 1 comfort monitor (Displays Notes for KEYNOTE)

          1 PC Laptop

         Chairs for Panelists + coffee table (PANELS)

         Several Microphones (wireless, podium, and LAV…etc.)

King 1 & King 2 will be equipped with the following:

          1 Screen

          1 PC Laptop

         1 Projector

         Several Microphones (wireless, podium, and LAV…etc.)


*Technical assistance is available upon request and is not present throughout the session. Slides MUST be sent to the Conference Manager by November 16th. 


Panels take on the form of a question-led discussion. The questions are delivered by a moderator and discussion ensues between panelists. The session will last for appx. 45 minutes to give speakers from different backgrounds the opportunity to share their points of view on a specific topic.  Please note:
• Slides are not required
• The moderator may encourage speakers to give more information and to provide specific facts and figures at the conference in order to facilitate a lively debate with clear positions. 
• There will be a 15-min Q&A period at the end of the session to involve the audience in the discussion. 
•  It’s important for speakers to mind their time. It’s the moderator’s job to make sure no panelist drags on for too long so there’s plenty of time for questions at the end.

Pre-Event Prep

Each speaker may send the moderator 3-5 key ideas/questions that they want to address in the panel discussion (more details in your introductory email to the moderator)

Be available for the possibility to attend a conference call with your fellow panelists

Moderators will work with speakers ahead of time to script questions to try and engage the panel in discussion and debate

You are encouraged to contact the moderator or the conference manager with any questions or concerns. 

Moderating a Panel? Click Here. 



  • Each presentation lasts approximately 30 minutes – a 20-min talk followed by a 10-min Q&A period.

  • Keep your slides in the range of 10-15 slides to respect the time limit (approx. 2 minutes/slide)

  • Slides should be sent to the Conference Manager by November 16. Bring your presentation with you on the day on a USB memory stick as a backup.

  • The moderator will be responsible for introducing the speakers, ensuring presentations do not overrun, and foster interaction between speakers and delegates during Q&A.

  • If you anticipate the need to stop for discussion during the slide presentation, insert a blank slide so that you won’t have a slide up that has outlived the interaction.

  • If you are making a computer-generated presentation (such as Prezi or Keynote), you MUST bring your own laptop with you or make special arrangements to use the conference’s PC laptop.

Sales pitches are not tolerated within the conference classrooms. Your sessions are meant to be purely educational and content-driven.



A keynote speech serves a variety of purposes. It should be an inspirational speech designed to unify the audience and will set the mood and tone for the entire day of conference sessions. The keynotes take place:

DAY 1, Nov 20:
• 9:00 – 9:30 AM
• 10:45 – 11:15 AM

DAY 2, Nov 21: 
• 9:00 – 9:30 AM
• 10:45 – 11:15 AM

The keynote speech is a major program responsibility we encourage you to keep your slides in the range of 10-15 slides to respect the time limit (approx. 2 minutes/slide).

Remember, if you are making a computer-generated presentation (such as Prezi or Keynote), you MUST bring your own laptop with you or make arrangements to use the conference’s laptop. Please feel free to use 16:9 format for your presentation.

Please Note: Presentations must be sent to the Conference Manager ahead of time (November 16 Deadline)

Solutions Lab Speakers

All product demos are 30 mins long. It’s a great way to show how a product and/or service of yours work. Demos take place in the expo where we will have a designated area called ‘The Solutions Lab’.

The solutions lab will be equipped with:

– 80-inch screen monitor
– Stage, Podium, Microphone
– Wired Internet Connection
– Microphones (handheld, headset..etc)
*Technical assistance will be available on site

Speakers should bring their own laptop or make arrangements with the Conference Manager. Demos are the only presentation that do not need to be sent ahead of time


The role of the moderator is key to the success of the event. It entails:
–  Presenting the speakers on stage
–  Ensuring that the presentations do not go over time
–  Encouraging interaction between speakers and the audience
–  And, if possible, get involved in the conversation
* The conference manager will connect the moderator with the speakers of your track to touch base and address points, questions, and content that will be discussed during the sessions.
* The conference manager will assist the moderator in all preparations coming up to the event (gathering all speaker bios, assisting in introductions, creating questions for Q&A period)
* Speakers may approach you when they arrive before their time slot. If they would like to use the LAV mic, please ask them to approach the AV table 20 mins before their session time. 



The Afternoon sessions take place in King 1 and King 2, the two halves of King Ballroom. These are solo presentations presented by experts and leaders in their field, covering specific topics in the industry which will be attended by a specific portion of attendees. 

Breakouts or Workshop: Solo presentaion. 30-minute slot (20 min presentation, 10 min Q&A). 

Quick Tips:

1. Preparation: The conference manager will send you all topic abstracts and speaker biographies 1 week prior to the event, so you familiarize yourself with the content of your track. Remind the speakers to bring their presentations on USB drives with them to the event, even though the submitted presentation will be pre-loaded on laptops in the session rooms.

2. Introductions: Introduce each speaker with a short 20-second introduction that you prepared beforehand with the conference manager. Remember that the time taken to introduce the speakers reduces their time to present.

3. Q&A: Prepare some questions for the speakers at the end of the presentation to stimulate the debate with the audience. When the audience has questions, bring the microphone to them. 

4. Timing: Respect the timing. Time each breakout session (30 minutes per session, including the 5-10 minutes of Q&A).

5. Quality Control: If speakers are focusing on problems or challenges, urge them to leave the audience with suggested solutions, strategies, or critical issues that must be addressed to reach a solution.

Don’t hesitate to ask the speakers to speak louder or get closer to the microphone!


The Morning Sessions take place in the King Ballroom. These sessions include Keynote Speeches and Panel Discussions and cover trending topics and content that will appear to the wider audience. 

Keynote Speech: Solo presentation. 30-minute time slot. Speakers must dedicate the last 10 mins to Q&A. 

Moderating a keynote speech entails:

1. Introductions: Each day will open with a Keynote Speech. The Conference manager will send you a speaker bio, company bio and topic abstract ahead of time which you will use to craft a short introduction of the speaker. 

2. Time Keeping: Keeping an eye on the clock, Keynotes must not exceed 30 minutes. Typically 10 minutes are spent on audience Q&A. 

3. Q&A: Engage with the speaker by asking him/her a couple of questions once they are done with their presentation. This is followed by opening the floor up for questions from the audience, encouraging a dynamic conversation between the keynote speaker and the audience


Panel Discussion: 3-4 Speakers gathered for a 45 minute discussion. 

The format of a panel discussion consists of a discussion and dialogue led by a series of questions around specific subjects of a topic, organized by the session moderator.

Slides should not be used unless special arrangements are made. 

A lively debate is encouraged with clear and well-marked positions. The moderator can encourage speakers to give new information and to provide specific facts and figures at the conference. 


NOVEMBER 10: After receiving your introductory email via the conference manager, please ask the panelists to have a conference call or a quick chat. The focus of this communication is to let the panelists know you’ll be moderating, and get into more detail about the topics/themes of the session, and what you hope to achieve. Explain how the session will proceed, and what each panelist should be prepared to do. The moderator may want to include some sample questions. 

Suggest that each of the panelists to e-mail you 3-5 key ideas they want to express in the discussion.

The following format can be used based on 30 mins of moderated Q&A, and 15 mins of audience Q&A:  

2-3 mins for intro of topic
1-2 mins for presenting the panelists (15 seconds/speaker) (Name, Job Title, Company)
20 mins for questions that can have been pre-prepared
2 mins for the conclusion
15 mins for questions and answers from the audience

Quick Tips

* As you introduce the session, tell the attendees how they are going to benefit

* Look at the panel, ask a question and then look at the audience to encourage speakers to speak to the audience

* Repeat every question from the audience so that everyone can hear the question

Not everyone on the panel needs to weigh in on every question; try to get as many audience questions into the Q&A period as possible.

* If your panelists all agree on a question, you can ask the audience if anyone is willing to stand up and offer a dissenting view.

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